Poetry LIght ResearCh Breath SOuNd EnthusIasm Care Love - Icònica I freely imagined the town Milan wearing my necklaces. Icon statues wearing my necklaces Icon women wearing my necklaces in an emotional album that I created in a joyous, playful and self-ironical, but never irreverent mood. Transparency - lightness - sound. Sign light matter alchemy, glass. Dreamed necklaces clean essential classical contemporary future shapes. Transparency colour absence as a choice of elegance and tone for ICONICA. They are necklaces that take on the colour, the mood of the women who are wearing them. Necklaces enhancing glass and shaped by light. Lightness as a primary value: physical lightness, as their weight is low, visual lightness, owing to colour absence, interior lightness, as a cure to the weight of daily routine. Sound necklaces that don't scream or shout, but ring and whisper. The production is also transparent and ethical. This project represents my origins and my working growth, in an artistic, graphic and design range. It contains within itself all the touching encounters in my life, first of all the one with my father Enrico, who was a painter. I deeply felt this artistic project, that ensues from research, experimentation and an accurate study. It starts off from my thirty-year experience as a creative. It was thought, designed, seeded, nurtured, cultivated and picked up in Italy. I design'd, assembled and sold Icònica, realized thanks to the help of small passionate artisans and small companies in Milan, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia. Every step in the productive cycle has been carefully controlled.


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